The Francorp Difference

Our first step is always to determine your franchisability. Francorp differs from other companies that are focused on selling their services. It’s important to us that we work only with companies that are franchisable . We want you to be educated about the franchising process, and about how long you should expect the successful franchise offering to take. Do you own one of those companies? Is your company ready to succeed? We can fast track the process without interfering with your potential to succeed. And if you don’t yet have a company, but do have the necessary funds, Francorp can help you develop a franchisable idea from the ground up.

All under one roof


Successful systems create successful franchises, and our unique proven method maximizes your chances of success and minimizes costly mistakes. In franchising as in so many other fields, there is no substitute for experience. Francorp’s professional staff is the largest and most experienced in franchising, and you get the benefit of our collective credentials. It’s no accident we’re considered the industry leader. As a result, your services and franchise help are performed “in-house,” not delegated to outside contractors who may have no expertise in franchising. We employ a full-time staff of professionals to create franchise structure, franchise documents, marketing strategies and materials, operations manuals, sales training, video presentations, and general consulting. Information about each client is shared among the professionals involved in order to keep the work product consistent from department to department.

A comprehensive franchise program


It’s normal to be nervous about what to expect when you’ve never done this before. Francorp has developed a step-by-step procedure to support you through the franchising process. When you first contact us, you won’t get a sales pitch. You won’t be pressured at all. But by time you leave your first meeting with one of our consultants, you’ll walk out with an action plan to either become more franchisable, or to start the franchising process.

  • Franchise structure – As a first step in creating a franchise program, Francorp consultants prepare a written franchise analysis based upon your business, its competition, and the franchise industry at large.
  • Franchise agreement – Francorp’s in-house attorneys, with input from Francorp’s operations, marketing, and strategic consultants, will draft the principal agreement that binds you to your franchisees.
  • Operations manual – Everything from company philosophy to advertising, from franchisee reporting to employee recruitment, from inventory acquisition to day-to-day operating procedures is included in your operations manual.
  • Marketing plan – To aid your franchise sales lead generation, Francorp’s marketing department provides the media strategy, media budget, and media schedule. We also develop advertising copy and layouts, and/or direct mail materials, to generate interest among your target franchise prospects.
  • Franchise brochure – Because the prospect’s first impression of your franchise is often created by a brochure, Francorp will design a brochure with special emphasis on exciting graphic design, and will describe in detail the elements of your franchise which make it attractive to prospective franchises.
  • Franchise sales training – During a seminar, Francorp will instruct your franchise sales staff on all elements of the process, from legal considerations to closing techniques.
  • Implementation consulting – you’ll always have ready access to professional assistance in all of Francorp’s specialties during the critical period of franchise development.


Whenever problems or questions arise during this period, you may consult at no charge with any member of our project team.

Our track record of success


Francorp has the most success stories of any franchise consultant. See our proven track record of client references who’ve succeeded with Francorp, and how we made a difference in their success. Learn the story behind our success to understand how Francorp came to be the franchising leader, and why it matters to you. Attend an upcoming event to spend some time with Francorp’s consultants. Or, visit our Francorp Baltic Office to see where it all takes place. Every company is different, so we give you options forgetting the process started. If you think you are franchisable, and that we can make a difference for you, call us to speak directly with one of Francorp’s senior consultants. Perhaps you’d prefer to ask a question or inquire about our services online. Contact us and see how Francorp can assist your franchising efforts. Francorp’s difference can also be seen in our pricing structure. We understand the financial concerns of owner-operated companies, and offer you pricing and payment options to fund the future.