Total investment (€): 0

Franchise Fee (€): 0

Royalty Fee (% or €): 250

Advertisement fee (% or €): 0

Return on Investment (in months): 9

Main Information

Industry: Food

Country of origin: Turkey

Year Founded: 2001

Franchised since: 2017

Company owned units: 21

Franchised units: 0

Total units: 21

Number of Employees per Unit: 1-2

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5

WAFFLE ART provide home comfort for their customers and offers them a comprehensive menu including not only waffles, but also cold and hot drinks which they can have during their chats.

In 2001 WAFFLE ART started the business and opened their first branch in the Çekirge district of Bursa, Turkey with 55 types of sweet products.

In 2008 WAFFLE ART prepared a different and a healthy menu including fruits, chocolate, ice cream and milk and enriched the menu with a vitamin bar, milkshakes, coffee, tea and fondue

In 2009 WAFFLE ART started selling salty waffles for the first time in Turkey and in the world.

In 2012 WAFFLE ART enriched the menu with salads, cold sandwiches and pasta.

In 2017 WAFFLE ART started to grow its firm with franchising by offering its investors various possibilities according to the locations such as stand, central location, shop, bistro and express.

Advantages of WAFFLE ART franchise:

A first in Turkey (with varieties such as potato waffle etc.)
One of the most favorite and most consumed food stuffs in Turkey and in the world, no competitors due to different menus (regardless of age groups)
Not seasonal
Choice richness (no competitors due to 55 varieties)
Low investment cost
Rapid high profit
Quick setup
Modern design
State of the art technology
Continuous training and supervision
Support of international companies in all products
Continuous technical support without problems
Trustworthy corporate identity and brand awareness
Promotion and advertising support
Convenience of product availability
Preference especially by the shopping mall administrations
Ability to serve in low m2
Availability of regional franchise system, no need of smoke holes, and no chefs and assistant chefs, cookers and ovens in the business
WAFFLE ART company is unique in Turkey and among the 5 companies in the world in the production of powder waffle. The company has ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system certification and Halal certification. Currently the company has 38 branches in Turkey and 5 abroad.

Franchise candidates must be:

open for trainings
with a desire to acquire new knowledge

As a franchisee, you will receive following trainings:

Product Training; on what to consider when buying materials

Service Training; on the preparation of all products in the menu and serving them to the customers

Hygiene Training; on general cleanliness and personal cleanliness of the staff

Management Training; on product sales control, wastage, keeping cashbook records, promotional items control etc.

Training after Audit; Trainings for the elimination of deficiencies after audits.

New Product Training; on every new product included in the menu

Excluding the business unit building infrastructure, garden tables, chairs, signboards, wallpapers, all machine equipments, glassware and personnel uniforms are delivered ready to start sales.
The system does not require smoke holes and chefs and the wastage is minimized by product transitions.
Business units are delivered in 21 days ready to start sales and training starts in the business units.
No fee for advertisement and promotional campaigns. Advertisement and promotional items are included in the price.
The transportation and accommodation costs of the setup and training staff in Turkey are covered by the company.
The transportation and accommodation costs of the setup and training staff abroad, shipping and customs fees are covered by the franchisee.
Project and pricing study takes place as per the location in the shopping malls and approved menu.
Primarily projects are made at Home Cafe & Tea and Bistro shops. The price is delivered along with the material list.
The Home Cafe & Tea menu features hot and cold drinks. The bistro businesses have predominantly food menus.