Total investment (€): individually

Franchise Fee (€): 50,000+

Royalty Fee (% or €): 3-6%

Advertisement fee (% or €): individually

Return on Investment (in months): 36-48

Main Information

Industry: Services

Country of origin: Ukraine

Year Founded: 2010

Franchised since: 2022

Company owned units: 28

Franchised units: 0

Total units: 28

Number of Employees per Unit: 8-12

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5+5

Uklon is a Ukrainian leading ride-hailing service that keeps market leadership over well-funded global competitors such as Bolt, Uber

The company was founded as a startup more than 12 years ago and now the Uklon team consists of more than 500 highly professional employees. IT division from more than 150 specialists every day improves and maintains one of the largest infrastructures in the Ukrainian market

Uklon is building a transportation ecosystem, which includes ride-hailing, delivery service, carpooling, and other services.

Unlike global leaders, we know how to build a profitable business, and we can be flexible to build productive work in other local environments

Uklon franchise is an excellent opportunity for those, who:

1. want to launch a ride-hailing service in your region or those who see that competitors in the industry work inefficiently
2. own a business but want to add ride-hailing service to their portfolio
3. want to build a super app from scratch

Preparation stage | before launch

  • Financial model calculation
  • Localization and adaptation of software
  • Development of a unique marketing strategy
  • Full package of standards and business processes
  • Brand guidelines
  • Trainings for employees
  • Consulting support regarding any business aspects from the dedicated launch team
  • Pricing recommendations


Regular support | after launch

  • Back-office support from a personal manager
  • IT support and regular soft updates
  • Marketing support from a personal marketing specialist
  • Financial and operational performance analysis reports
  • Consulting on all business aspects