Total investment (€): 25,000-35,000

Franchise Fee (€): 2,300

Royalty Fee (% or €): 3,5%

Advertisement fee (% or €): 0%

Return on Investment (in months): 6-12

Main Information

Industry: Food

Country of origin: Russia

Year Founded: 2011

Franchised since: 2013

Company owned units: 225

Franchised units: 527

Total units: 752

Number of Employees per Unit: 6+

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5

Sushi Wok is a successful and actively growing business. Since we started 10 years ago we have opened over 750 stores. Around 10 new stores are opened every month. Our market coverage is expanding geographically. Sushi Wok stores operate in 6 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Kyrgyzstan.

Sushi Wok is a combination of excellent taste, high quality, and affordable prices.

We have a great number of dishes, including more than 20 varieties of sushi, 100 sushi rolls, and wok noodles, which also change seasonally. Our fast-casual setup is perfect for the pickiest of eaters as they can choose from the toping menu exactly what it is they would like to feature in their wok noodles or choose any sushi rolls they like. The store has a convenient Take-Away format, which makes our guests save their time and have their food in any place they want.

Sushi Wok is highly popular in any location: in small towns or megacities, residential or business districts. Our easy format will be popular among various customer groups with different income levels. 80% of customers become true lovers of our brand right after the first visit or order.

  • Willingness to comply with the standards and terms of the contract.
  • Financial opportunity to buy a franchise and open a store.
  • Desire and willingness to develop a chain of stores.


The Sushi Wok team of experts will show and explain all processes, starting with selecting a location and going all the way to how to work with 1C, during face-to-face training sessions at the company headquarters or in operating stores.

Help in selecting facilities

Our experts will assess facilities in your city by such criteria as traffic flow, space, and entry convenience, and advise you on how to enter into a lease agreement.


The software has been custom designed for Sushi Wok and covers all nuances of a take-out business. You will get free access to our software, training courses, and continuous technical support.

Effective Promotion

All advertising materials are provided by our centralized Marketing Department. Our marketing technologies make it possible to acquire more clients and keep them loyal.

Support and Audit

Auditing and continuous expert support in all areas of store operations.