Total investment (€): 18,000-150,000

Franchise Fee (€): 2,500-10,000

Royalty Fee (% or €): 5%

Advertisement fee (% or €): 0

Return on Investment (in months): 20

Main Information

Industry: Food

Country of origin: Croatia

Year Founded: 2009

Franchised since: 2009

Company owned units: 0

Franchised units: 50

Total units: 50

Number of Employees per Unit: 2+

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5

We chose our direction back in 2009 when we started Surf’n’Fries as a new generation of street food. We put fries at the center of the meal and served them in innovative packaging that gives people the freedom to eat wherever they want. Our “Walk & Eat. Repeat” philosophy started in Europe and customers loved it so much that the brand spread all over the globe. Today, the Surf’n’Fries business model is a successful international QSR franchise that has generated millions of happy customers – and counting.

The ideal Surf’n’Fries Franchisee is an energetic entrepreneur, charismatic and experienced in F&B with a passion to bring a new concept to the existing market in order to drive and build a successful brand.

We offer 7 days of training. The first 3 days prior to opening is to teach the employees, including the manager and the owner of the Surf‘n’Fries Franchise, how to operate the store by giving them Surf‘n’Fries know-how. 4 days after the opening the training and start up manager will be present to point out the details that possibly need to be improved or changed.

FRANCHISE FEE: €2,500 €5,000 €10,000
TOTAL INVESTMENT: €18,000 €56,000 €150,000


Surf’n’Fries Teaser