Total investment (€): 120,000-180,000

Franchise Fee (€): 0

Royalty Fee (% or €): 2-3%

Advertisement fee (% or €): 0

Return on Investment (in months): 18

Main Information

Industry: Retail

Country of origin: Poland

Year Founded: 1989

Franchised since: 2000

Company owned units: 71

Franchised units: 19

Total units: 90

Number of Employees per Unit: 2

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5

Solar Company S.A. is one of the leading and — not to mention — most efficient companies in the Polish clothing market.

Solar is a Polish fashion brand founded in 1989. For the last 29 years, Solar team has been able to participate in building the image of modern, confident women in Poland and abroad. Every year, with their Customers in mind, Solar manufactures over 1 million items of perfectly tailored clothing and accessories, designed in accordance with the latest trends and made from high-quality fabrics.

The brand’s collections are created for professionally active women who are young in spirit, care for their appearance and value elegance with a bit of extravagance. Solar’s success is based on combining global trends with the expectations of customers.

Solar Company S.A. is interested in working with Franchisees who have good social skills, are able to build customer loyalty and the spirit of cooperation in their team.
In order to meet the challenge of running a franchise store of Solar brand, the candidates are required to have several years of experience in running a business, preferably in the apparel or a related industry, very good knowledge of sales techniques, as well as organisational and leadership skills. Solar also expects that the candidates will be willing to participate in training and continuously expand their knowledge in the field of sales and personnel management.
Since the success of the Franchisee depends also on a properly arranged shop and the highest standard of customer service, Solar expects that:

The Franchisee candidate will have a proper initial capital at its disposal, allowing for the launch of the business and will express willingness to invest time and money in creating a new brand on Baltic market;
The franchise shop of Solar brand will be situated in a reputable Shopping Centre or in a location in a given cultural area which the customers will find attractive (e.g. in the Old Town, main shopping street) with an interior adapted to Solar standards;
The staff employed by the Franchisee will identify themselves with Solar values and their workplace. Employees should be interested in updating, expanding and improving their skills and knowledge in terms of sales and professional customer service and should use the acquired knowledge in their daily work.

What Solar offers:


A proven model of running a shop, the so-called know-how.
Store design

The concept of a store / furniture prepared by the Franchisor under the agreement. The appearance and arrangement of the premises 100% compatible with the standards of Solar.

Before the launch of the shop, staff training regarding customer service, selling methods, Visual Merchandising and necessary administrative skills;
Information on the method of staff recruitment and their working methods.
Visual Merchandising

Ready-made styling of mannequins, new attractive displays and tips on Visual Merchandising;
Consulting and assistance in the organization of the shop’s equipment and appearance.
Sales support

Sales supporting materials availability (shopping bags, tags, etc.);
Sales policy;
Sales Programme;
Using the goods information bank of the entire chain by using the Sales Programme;
Possibility to place additional orders;
Company attire for staf.
Marketing support

Using the logo, signs and symbols owned by Solar;
Possibility to obtain support in the preparation of promotional materials by a specialized advertising agency cooperating with Solar;
Support in the general campaigns, for example promotional campaigns, Customer Loyalty Program.