Total investment (€): 32,000

Franchise Fee (€): 32,000

Royalty Fee (% or €): 6% or €220 after year 2. Whichever is higher

Advertisement fee (% or €): 0

Return on Investment (in months): 6-12

Main Information

Industry: Education

Country of origin: Spain

Year Founded: 1996

Franchised since: 1998

Company owned units: 2

Franchised units: 235

Total units: 237

Number of Employees per Unit: 1-2

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 10

Nutty Scientists® is the leading provider of interactive programs for children of all ages related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning. Since 1996 they have developed appropriate activities for children that promote their interest in science and its impact on the world today.

Nutty Scientists® also offers hands-on activities showcasing environmental and health issues in a different, entertaining, and leisurely way. In fact, there is a partnership with some of the largest corporations in the world to spread messages of conservation to children everywhere.

Science, Environment, Health and Prevention and Nutrition hands-on, interactive activities and events and campaigns for children 4-17 years old.

Person or company which should have:

Sales and marketing experience
Good personal skills
Good communication skills
Management experience
Resides in the desired territory
Doesn’t require a background in education

Three trainings:

First: virtual training of 15 hours for the franchise owner in sales, marketing, and management.
Second: virtual training for operations of 10 hours.
Third: on-site training for 4 days including launch event (when authorities allow it).