Total investment (€): 8,000

Franchise Fee (€): 5,000

Royalty Fee (% or €): 100

Advertisement fee (% or €): 150-1,000

Return on Investment (in months): 6

Main Information

Industry: Services

Country of origin: Russia

Year Founded: 2013

Franchised since: 2014

Company owned units: 32

Franchised units: 410

Total units: 442

Number of Employees per Unit: 5

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5

JUNIOR is an international network of football schools for children with the head office in Russia and two branches in Singapore and the USA. JUNIOR and their partners have already opened more than 400 schools in 18 countries over the world. JUNIOR are one of the biggest commercial networks of football schools for children in the world. The main key to JUNIOR success is favourable terms of collaboration for franchisees. More than a half of 180 JUNIOR partners have bought an additional franchise on a new territory. Many of newcomers are planning to expand their business.

One school has from 40 to 300 students. An average monthly profit of a school is 3 500 EUR.

1. Availability of funds for buying a franchising package and launching a school.

2. Population of a city is more than 10 000 people. Availability of quality commercial playgrounds is a must.

3. Willingness to comply with the JUNIOR’s standards and technology.

Ready-made JUNIOR franchise operations manual which covers each step of opening a successful JUNIOR football school.
State-of-the-art ERP Education system where each partner can monitor key elements of his business.
JUNIOR exclusive coaching system. JUNIOR coaches are rigorously trained in JUNIOR coaching methods and continually improve their skills by undergoing extensive education.
Support of JUNIOR professionals (PR manager, in-house attorney, pre-school managers, designers etc.)
JUNIOR provides its franchisees with all the advertising and marketing materials for promotion.

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