Total investment (€): from € 22,500

Franchise Fee (€): € 1

Royalty Fee (% or €): 4,5 %

Advertisement fee (% or €): € 0

Return on Investment (in months): 15

Main Information

Industry: Food

Country of origin: Russia

Year Founded: 2010

Franchised since: 2011

Company owned units: 15

Franchised units: 145

Total units: 160

Number of Employees per Unit: 8

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5

FARFOR – an international franchise chain of restaurants delivering ready-made meals.

The brand was founded in Ufa in 2010, the founder of the company Panyushkin Danil Anatolievich. The company’s founder recognized the upcoming market dynamics and brought the company into the franchise network using the same approach, technology, and strategy.

FARFOR launched our first franchise city in 2011 and become hugely successful with our approach to customer service. The concept of the company arose from an assessment of the market problems of the time – long delivery times, unstable food quality, inadequate prices, lack of proper service, and marketing.

We launched 9 cities in 2012, 6 cities in 2013, and 14 cities in 2014. We now have more than 160 branches, and we don’t plan to stop there.

FARFOR is based on four principles/values:


Over 10 years we have gained valuable experience in launching restaurant-quality food delivery businesses and developed an effective business model. Today we have a leading position on the Russian market and are entering the CIS countries & Europe.

We do not sell a franchise, we are participants in all processes that our franchise partners meet. We are not looking for franchise buyers, we are not interested in just selling a franchise. We are constant participants in all the processes that our franchisee partners face. We are looking for partners close in spirit, to create a successful business together!

We don’t have franchise fees because we earn from the overall growth of the network (sales) Our global goals are to prepare and deliver food to every home. We adhere to 4 principles in our work – quality, price, fast delivery, and service, and many people like it.

Our formats of establishments that we offer:

  1. Dark kitchen
    Limited menu – rolls and pizza The kitchen that specializes only in delivery, without an opportunity for a customer to come to the outlet in order to place or pick up an order. The main advantage of the concept is having a minimum budget for opening and minimum monthly costs.
  2. Open kitchen.
    Menu – rolls, pizza, soups, salads, snacks Open kitchen works for delivery with pickup. A customer can come to the outlet, place and pick up an order. The advantages are that you become open to the customer, it improves the company’s reputation, the signboard and pickup work as advertisement, and it leads to the growth of your revenue.
  3. Street kitchen.
    The main menu – rolls, pizza, soups, salads, snacks Additional menu – burgers, pita. Open kitchen works for delivery with pickup and a restaurant. A customer can come to the outlet, place and pick up an order, or eat it in the hall. The advantages are that you not only become open to the client but also more comfortable. You can have a great time with your family and friends in the hall, it improves the company’s reputation, the signboard, and the hall work as advertisement, and it leads to the growth of your revenue.
  1. We are looking for partners who are close to our values.
  2. Who wants to develop and grow in an international company
  3. People who are not afraid of challenges
  4. Partners who are ready to conquer their niche in the market and win the hearts of millions of people

Our strengths are:

  • Personal software “FARFOR ERP” Cloud-based system for orders receiving and processing, as well as for management and analysis of sales
  • ”Tablet system” – System that automates the order movement in the kitchen, helps you track the speed of order preparation in each phase.
  • “Deliverer” -System for the delivery service, tracks the order movement by courier to the customer
  • Website and mobile app for IOS and Android. Unique trading platforms perfected and improved in terms of usability and sales
  • Marketing support. Work in social networks
  • Brand products are provided by the main office
  • Extensive menu and smart promo
  • Innovative kitchens
  • Kitchen design
  • International call center and cloud PBX
  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Technical support
  • Quality control
  • Networking with other partners
  • “FARFOR” school. Training in all processes


We help and support the partner not only before the opening of the branch but also during the work we are always in touch and close by. And we always help in achieving the set goals.