Total investment (€): 6,000-12,000

Franchise Fee (€): 3,600

Royalty Fee (% or €): 1%

Advertisement fee (% or €): 0%

Return on Investment (in months): 6-10

Main Information

Industry: Food

Country of origin: Russia

Year Founded: 2015

Franchised since: 2016

Company owned units: 0

Franchised units: 26

Total units: 26

Number of Employees per Unit: self-service coffee shop "Coffee in Express" - without staff, classic coffee shop "Coffee in" - from 1 employee

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 1 year with subsequent prolongation in the absence of violations

Coffee in is an international coffee chain with five years of experience in scaling according to the franchise model. In each institution, visitors will find fragrant coffee of the highest grades and delicious snacks.


The company develops 6 formats of establishments: an island, a pavilion, a mini-pavilion, a full-format coffee shop, an extradition window, and a self-service coffee shop “Coffee in Express”


● The remote management system of the institution. You always have access to performance indicators from anywhere in the world.
● Equipment, consumables.
● Design layouts from the menu to the exterior design of a retail outlet/pavilion/bus stop complex.
● Consultations on finding a suitable place for accommodation.
● A marketing plan with a description of the stages of promotion.
● Knowledge base.
● and answers to many other questions.

Experience in the coffee business (barista/manager/administrator), responsible, purposeful, hardworking, sociable.


● An aspiring entrepreneur who has enough money to open and shares our values
● A top manager of a company who wants to invest in a classic business and receive additional income
● An active entrepreneur planning to diversify investments

● Employees’ work
● Setting up sales automation
● Online-knowledge base


● Assistance in selecting a location
● Providing a brand book and design layouts of the entire printing industry
● Drawing up a step-by-step plan to attract investments
● Guidelines for launching and managing business processes
● Provision of wholesale purchases through the central trading house
● Marketing support
● Legal support