Total investment (€): 2,000+

Franchise Fee (€): Varies

Royalty Fee (% or €): 10-15%

Advertisement fee (% or €): 0%

Return on Investment (in months): 6-18

Main Information

Industry: Services

Country of origin: Sweden

Year Founded: 2019

Franchised since: 2020

Company owned units: 1

Franchised units: 20+

Total units: 21+

Number of Employees per Unit: 1

Length of franchise agreement (in years): Negotiable

Access beats ownership and Brick Technology provides software, products, a strong brand, and a full range of services to entrepreneurs wanting to bring power bank sharing to their country.

We believe the sharing economy can reach its full potential with a perfect mix between a global brand and resources and a strong local connection.

Are you looking to run a small-scale operation in a few great venues or are you aiming for full exclusivity in your country? We have partner options tailored to your vision.

Our ideal candidate is outgoing with sales experience and it is also merit if you have contacts in food, beverage, clubs, entertainment, hospitality, or a similar industry.

Already having a business or business experience in these similar industries is a plus.

You get product, tech, sales, and marketing support via close personal contact and access to our online knowledge bank where you can find all tools, information, and tips to make you successful.

You get access to our dashboard that lets you manage your network and rentals, get insights and statistics, and plan your operations.

Brick takes care of customer support, tech sourcing and developing, and integrations tailored to your needs.