Franchise Training

Marketing Training

Francorp offers Franchise Marketing Training class educating franchisors about the appropriate steps and marketing tools needed for a franchise to grow to the next level. Franchisors will learn about identifying the ideal type of buyer your franchise is looking for, building brand strength with internet marketing and understanding Google Analytics, creating a budget for advertising, developing a marketing plan, creating a web presence, understanding the tools of social media and how to shape them as a franchisor, and where and how to market your franchise in print, internet, and trade show advertising.


Sales Training

While Francorp doesn’t function as a broker for our clients, as part of our Franchise services, Francorp provides franchise sales training to new and existing franchisors. Attendees are taught by industry experts with numerous years of franchise sales experience, receive a “how to” manual and personalized instruction on how to sell effectively. On an ongoing basis, Francorp provides implementation consulting to ensure that the lessons learned in the classroom work effectively in achieving sales.


Management Training

Francorp conducts Franchise Management Training course designed to educate the Client’s management team on the complexities of operating and managing a growing franchise organization. Detailed and comprehensive manuals are provided to all attendees on all course segments:

  • Building the Franchise Organization
  • Training Your Franchisees
  • Providing Effective Field Support
  • Marketing as a Franchisor
  • Franchisor Compliance
  • Franchisee Relations