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Since the beginning in 2017, City Calendar has successfully developed a unique marketing tool. The secret is an innovative way of creating value for both buyers, business partners, and local communities – through the magic of advent calendars! City Calendar has an impressive portfolio of 34 Franchise Units across Denmark and Norway and is now looking for its Master Franchisee in Latvia / Lithuania / Estonia.

Value for everybody!

How can I generate more customers for my businesses? How can I make customers spend their money locally instead of online? These fundamental questions are asked of many business owners every single day. City Calendar was created in 2017 to help local businesses answer these questions. The response was amazing and the concept became widespread throughout Denmark within a few years.

The secret behind the success of City Calendar is the ability to create value for everyone who is a part of the concept! The buyers are happy, the business partners are happy and the franchisees are happy! Furthermore, City Calendar supports a huge number of local charities as well.

Local commitment

City Calendar has developed a profitable business model based on a strong local commitment! One of the keys to their success is a strong local presence, where ambitious and dedicated franchisees work to generate traffic in a local business. The result? More customers and higher profit!

Founder and chief executive Sune Vestergaard is looking forward to welcoming the new franchise partners who will join City Calendar this season. “The last 5 years have proven that our business model is both value-creating and profitable. We look forward to spreading our concept to more international markets. As far as we can tell the sky is the limit!”

The best part

City Calendar makes it easy to start your own successful business! The managerial team has everything you need and the initial investment is relatively low. There are no expenses for rent, employees, etc., and the profit per sold product is extremely attractive. In addition to this, you will be assigned your own personal mentor from the City Calendar Manager Team.

Do you have managerial skills and do you dream of building your own business? You now have the chance to be the exclusive City Calendar Master Franchise Partner in your country. Apply here: